Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purlple holiday eyelook

Hi everyone,

I am back again with a purple holiday eyelook for you guys
this is how it looks with camera and flash

close up of the eyes (bad quality camera is not picking up the glitter that i used on my eyes)

it looks more like this than the above picture in person, the camera makes the eye makeup look lighter on the other pictures

First! A late Merry Christmas from my, i hope you all had fun and sorry for not being a regular blogger :( But don't ever stop following, because i won't stop blogging till i officially say that i am going to stop :)
My excuse for not blogging is homework, work and boyfriend again, i really can't find the time sometimes to actually blog and to post it, because like now, this Purple Holiday look was actually made for Christmas. I did this like 1 and a half week ago, it think, so i am posting it too late according to my plan.  :( 
But it's ok, because this look is also perfect for a night out or even for new years. I think this look will go perfect with a black dress, because purple goes really well with black and it will give you a fun and glamorous look with the black dress.

So if intrested, keep on reading on how i achieved this look.


TIP: don't put on foundation, if you don't want any fall outs from the eyeshadows on your face.
  1. Use a eye primer to make your eyemakeup look better and so it's stays on. 
  2. optional put on a white creme eyeshadow to purple eyeshadow that you will put on later to look more intense.
  3. Put on light grey eyeshadow on your whole eyelid and bit above till where your eye crease/socket is supposed to be if you have monolids, if you don't have that, just put it on eye lid and not above (see green line on picture)
  4. than put on a purple eyeshadow on the outer V/corner of your eyes and drag it a little bit to the center, but when you drag it  to the center, than do this only in the crease/eyesocket. ( see blue line on the picture)
  5. Take a dark grey not black eyeshadow with a blending brush and put that also on the outer corner in a V shape and just like how you did the purple, drag it also in your eye crease to center of your eyes and blend wel, do this to contour your eyes more and make it look like you have a eye crease if you are monolided. The purple should should still be a little bit visible. ( see red line on the picture) 
  6. go back to the purple with your blending brush and brush it lightly on you outer V above where you have put the dark grey eyeshadow. Not to much, just little bit
  7. take a white eyeshadow and put that in your innercorner to brighten up the eyes ( see yellow line)
  8. Line your eyes with a black eyeliner
  9. line your lower water lash line with a white eye pencil and put on a little bit of white eyeshadow to make it stay longer.
  10. Take the purple eyeshadow again and line your lower lash line with it, but not all the way, just 3 quarters in. ( see orange line and see picture below )
  11. finish the eyelook of by putting on glitter in the center, inner corner and on outer coner of your eyes below your lower line ( see pink line on the picture)
  12. Put on false eye lashes or curl your eyelashes and put on mascara :) ( i did not use false eyelashes, because i don't own any yet  )
Which products i used:
i will update this part later and write down all the products i used ok, but it's late now and i don't know all the names

And you are finished, it should look like this:

camera does not pick up the glitter and make the eyelook look more lighter on this picture , but i hope you like it though :)
 I hope you understand everything, because it is really hard to explain, by writing everything. I speak much better english than i write so that's is why. 

 But I hope you all liked this look and if you want more looks from me or anything else beauty/hair/nails related you can email me your request by clicking contact on your left or just comment below. I love to read your messages
Also i wanted to post a gift idea's before Christmas, but i failed , so if you all still like my to post some gift idea's, i would love to hear that from you too. 
AND the last thing i want to share is i have gotten a haircut and my hair is now like 2/3 inches shorter and i dyed my hair copper again, but this time a little bit lighter with clairol hairdye and i like it, i will share my hair later with you in another post ok ^_~
I always get so excited afther one post xD that i want to post more.

Happy New Years in case i don't blog before New Year.
Have fun, be safe, be healthy and see you in 2012

iphone quality

Much Love



  1. I wonder if I can do it, looks a little bit complicated xD

  2. offcourse you can , i just explain it too complicated -__-
    it would be much easier if i could film it, but i don't have a good camera for filming

  3. wao beautifull

  4. Really pretty! Love the glitter!

  5. Omg you’re so cute!!
    Much love,