donderdag 24 november 2011

Bubzbeauty's leopard nails

Hi everyone
I know that it has been a while that i have blogged again, but the reason for that is because for school i had to do an internship at a store for two whole weeks, without the weekends, so i was really busy with that. I am an internship at H&M and i had to go there everyday from 9.30 till 18.00 and afther that i had to work at my parents take-away restaurant till 8 o'clock and afther that i always have dinner and than i would get home and take a shower and than it's already like 10 o'clock, so i offcourse i don't feel like blogging, but more watching movies and online shopping and chatting with my friends, because i work all day, so i really need to do something fun, to relax my mind. The funny thing is when i want to blog afther i have done everything i wanted, i would fall asleep every night at 23.30, really weird, because i used to be a night person and sleep like when it's 2 o'clock in the morning xD , but yeah i think it is because of working the whole day and  that my body just can take it, to stay up.
And in the weekends, i am always at my boyfriend or working at my parents take-away. So as you see no time for blogging :( ! and i everytime i want to blog, i typ like one sentence and i am tired.
Butttttt!!!  tomorrow is my last day of two weeks internship at H&M :) (so happy) . Well not really my last day, but afther those two weeks i still have to go there every thursday for a one year and a half to complete my internship there.
So i'm sorry once again and you will see me blogging more often afther tomorrow :)

By the way, I have reached more than 100 followers and i am really happy with that, so thank you all for those who follow me ( the person that haven't blog that much lately) .
I don't think i deserve 100 followers YET, but still thank you very much! , i really appreciate it ^^.

Now back to the bubzbeauty leopard nails that i wanted to talk about.
First i don't like leopard, but since i saw her video, i though let met try it out. So i did my nails, by watching bubzbeauty's leopard nails video and they turned out really well, i like them very much actually. In the beginning i thought, okay it's a little bit funky and so not Amy, since i don't like leopard things, i mean i do like leopard a little bit, but just not for my, if you understand what i mean. But afther 2/3 days i loved it. So i wanted to show it to you guys how the nails turned out:

not a really good photo -__-''
If you guys like it and haven't saw the video from bubzbeauty yet than please CLICK HERE
for her (better and smaller leopard print) version and on how to do these nails, because i think it is easier to do it by watching than reading.

These are the colors that i have used, i have mentioned the names of the nail colors in my other blogs before, so i will not typ the names of it, unless you are intrested in the names of it than you can e-mail me or leave a comment below.
Oh.. uhm.. i forgot  to take a picture of the color that i used as a base -_-
 so i will typ that name than. it's the rimmel londan 60 seconds nail polish in 840 peaches & cream.
That was the only good color that i could find in my nailpolish collection that i could use as a base for those leopard spots, so you can offcourse use another color :)

This is it for the random and small nail of the day post, i hope you liked it and i hope my english is readable.

Take care and have a lovely day


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  2. wow got some while colors going on! pretty cool

  3. Wow you did a really good job!