zondag 23 oktober 2011

Starry night nail

Hey everyone ^^

It is like 4/5 o clock in the morning, but i couldn't sleep and i though let me blog about the nails.

So here is it than, my take on the Hollyannaeree nails. I really loved how they looked, so i wanted to share it with you all. They look more spakly and beautifull in real, than on the picture though :( . They are called Starry night, because the Blue reminded of the night sky and the glitter reminded me of the the stars, so that is why i called them stary night.

If you want to see Holly's nail you can CLICK here and see how her nails look like.
But they don't look exact the same offcourse, because i used other similair nailpolishes. I had the nailpolish before i saw here video, but  I never thought about it to combine my nailpolishes in this way and Holly's video inspired me to try it and i turned out to love it. Altough i think hers is much more pretier, but i don't have the glitter that shes has used, which makes the diffrence between her and my nails. She has more big glitters and mine has fine glitters with a little bit of big glitters in it.

These are the nailpolishes i used.
1. rimmel london 5 in 1 total care top&base coat
2. Paris memories 
3. Hema nailpolish

This is how the glitter nailpolish looks like that i have used.
I have got this from a store called Douglas (a perfume/cosmetic store), the nail polish was vey cheap like 1,50 euro's, so i it was a great deal.

How to achieve this nail is simple
First apply a basecoat, to protect your nails and let them dry. Than apply the navy blue color once or twice, depens on your nail polish, than let it dry and put a glitternail polish over it. At last you just have to add a topcoat, you don't have to, because you didn't use loose glitters, so the glitter won't fall off or something, but i did add a topcoat, just  so that the polish last longer on my nails and to make them sparkle even more.

This how simple and easy it is and i hoped you enjoyed this blogpost

Take care and talk to you soon!

Amy ^_~

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