zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

I'm officially back :)

Hello everyone, 

How are you guys?I'm back and I'm very very very SORRY T_T again !. I know that i had promised you that i would post 3 things before i went to China. But things just got so busy, i went buying things last minute and arraging things and stuff, so i'm sorry for letting you all down. I knew that i would be busy doing things before i went on vacation, but i thought i could do it even when i knew that. But offcourse i didn't want to give up the promises so easy, so i though i could just take my laptop with me and blog in China, but blogspot is blocked from the internet there and so is facebook and google (sometimes) .So i couldn't blog their either and felt so sorry for my followers and also why i didn't blog afther i came back from vacation was, that i got lazy and than school started, so i got busy with all the assignment and  also busy with getting my drivers license and i had to help my boyfriend move to a new house >_< , it was just a crazy busy start afther the summer, so i just could find the time to really actually blog. SOOOOORRRRYYY!

But now i have a one week fall vacation and i'm going to plan my days better, so that i have more time for blogging again, because i do love to blog, only it takes time to make pictures and come up with ideas and stuff.

BUT! to make it up to you guys there is a giveaway coming up! yay! =D
I have bought some random things and i also bought some little things when i was in China for you guys, because i had like 80 followers (now 89)
and that is almost 100, so i though i would get some things there for my 100 followers giveaway, but since i have been away for so long and i want to make it up to you guys, i will not make you wait any longer till i reach 100 followers, but instead the giveaway will start next week.
So is that ok with you guys? 
I think it is :) but offcourse their can be just 1 winner :( i mean i would like to get you all a gift, but that would be to expensive for me. I can buy everyone something small, but than again there will shipping cost that i would have to pay. And i'm not that rich :( if i was i definitely would do it. ^^

Ok about my vacation with my boyfriend for the people who are intrested.
I had a wonderfull time China, it was amazing to go there with my boyfriend.
I feel like i always want to share everything i do or eat or experience that i think is great, with him. Do you guys also feel like that? that you just want to share everything with you loved one? well i do ^^
On my vacation i gaint weight haha , just a little bit, but that is because off the food their, i just love the food there. I went out to eat every night with my boyfriend and everything was just so delicious. Now i really miss the food there T_T , but when i was there for 3 weeks i missed the food here -_-'' haha.

picture of korean food in china

their was no table free only rooms, so we got a room at a korean restaurant :D

we met up with a friend from holland and went to a restaurant with a fake tree in the middle in the restaurant, which was very cool
Uhm  I also shopped a lot there, i didn't buy super much, but shopping there is like heaven. In China you have just so many unique/cheap stores. In holland we don't have that. I mean like in every city the stores are almost the same. :(  .

wu ma jie, a very famous statue in the city in Wenzhou, the place where we stayed in China,

the island that you see is jiang xin island a famous island in wenzhou, we didn't went there -_- , we tried going there 2 times on our last days in China, but both times i had rained very hard.

See how the man makes it >_< looks so to hard to make.

roses that i got from my boyfriend on a Valentines day in China
I also met his family there and they are lovely, warm hearted people. I could tell that since the moment i went in. They love to tell jokes and always laugh and they are so positive. So diffrent than my family, i do have a lovely family too, but they all worry to much and they need to enjoy life more. My family is always hard working and busy. But still i love my family, they have made me the person who i am now.
I also went on a 3days mountain kinda trip in China with my boyfriend offcourse and his uncle and some people they know, like neighbours and friends of his uncle and stuff. First we all went to a mountain hotel on a mountain with a bus. The hotel was on a very high mountain and the view/nature their was beautiful, their were bamboo trees everywhere and waterfalls. I also saw insects >_< that i never had seen in holland like a big very big mosquito, alsmost like a bumble bee but bigger and their were also butterflies flying everywhere. On the next day we went to another hotel but not on a mountain but to a village/city that is in the mountains, do you know i mean. If you look around you see mountains, but your not like walkin on the moutains like on the first day. <<get it xD
But okay, that hotel was bigger en better en we went to the city their, but just for a little while and than we went back to the hotel, because it was very late allready. On the third day it was time to went home, but before we went home we went to a bamboo park and i learned a lot of thing about bamboo and i have eaten a lot of kinds of bamboo and also saw panda's <3 and i took a picture with little monkeys on my shoulder <3 i couldn't put the foto on the computer, so you won't be able to see it :( , but that was fun and afther that we went to a beautiful place it was a sea/river with water from the mountains and on one side you have shops and on the other side of the water you had a beach and the water was mountain clear haha. We actually planned on swimming in the water their, but the uhm the water was flowing to hard, do you say it like that?  I also couldn't take pictures that day, because my camera had no batteries anymore -_- .

But anyways China was just perfect and wonderfull, I honestly would love to live there , but i have a life here. :) It was great going there again this year (yes i went there last year with my family) , it was just great to see my grandpa and grandma and the rest of the family i have in China. I had missed them so much, especially my grandparents <3 they are like my second mother and father to me. So it was wonderfull seeing everyone again and going with my boyfriend and stuff ... WAUW
I think you all get my point, that i had memerable vacation with my boyfriend so i will stop talking about it and i hope i didn't bored you guys with my story :P
 uhm for the next posts i have a simple nail tutorial for you, that is inspired by/the same as hollyannaeree's nail , i will upload that tomorrow and i also wil do some OOTD's this week or next week, because this week is almost over.
I am glad that i am back to blogging. ^_~  and i hope you all do to.
If you guys have any requests or questions, you can always contact my by clicking on contact on your left side.

I wish all a very good and lovely day!
untill next time ^_~


Amy ^_~


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