dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Sorry & French manicure glitter nail

Hi everyone, i'm stil allive :)

First off i want to appologise for not blogging for almost 1 month, but i have been really busy with finding a new school (i got accepted for Fashion & business, so i will be doing that next schoolyear, yay) , seaching for an appartment (i'm going to move in with my boyfriend ^^ ), with my drivers licence (have been busy stuying for the exams) , also my internet did'nt work for 3 days & besides that i also have a life , which means i have to work everyday, go out once in a while, make time for my friends & boyfriend, etc, etc..... -______-

So i'm sorry! and to make it up for my sweet and lovely readers/followers i will be blogging like crazy this week, also because i will going to china on  the 12th of july till august 15 , which is one week away  =D  and means less blogging.  But still i'm so excited about going to China, because this is the first time i am going on vacation with boyfriend without my parents to his family =D I just can't stop smiling if i think about that, because i love china and i love my boyfriend hihi ❤

But okay, so i will be blogging about the following things this week:
  1. A recipe to make dan ta ( chinese eggtarts) that i made for father's day
  2. An OOTD post
  3. Summer tips about makeup and stuff
So look forward to that. Also if anyone has a request on a hairdo, a makeup look, a fashionlook  or anything, than please feel free to contact me by clicking contact on the left side bar  <<<  . Oh and i think i will be blogging in China too if i have time, but i think it mostly will be OOTD's or hauls.

By the way i have finally got an haircut, i usually go to the hairdresser like every 2 moths, but this time i haven't went to the hairdresser like since december. So i was a little nervous about them cutting it wrong the wrong way or something  and they did. They messed up my bangs -______- it's too short and when my bangs are to short it makes my face really fat and round xD . But the rest of the hair was okay.

And now we are finally going to start with my French glitter nails.

This is how they look like ^^
If you like them, than please continue reading, because i will be explaning on how to do this extreme simple nail.

What you will be needing is :
  1. a pale pink french manicure colored nail polish
  2. a white nail polish
  3. a clear top coat nail polish
  4. glitters! (all kind of glitter wil do, i have used like white with colored glitters, see picture below)

How to do this nail :
  1. First coat  all your nails with a pale pink french manicure colored nail polish and wait till it's dry.
  2. Take your white nail polish and make a french manicure tip on a vinger ( do not make a white tip on all the fingers at once )
  3. Wait 5-10 seconds when you just applied the white nailpolish and dip your finger into the glitter
  4. Do step 2 and 3 on all your fingers and your finished with the glitter nail tips
  5. To finish the french manicure glitter nails wait till everything is dry and than coat your nails with a clear colored nail polish and you are finished!
    Easy isn't it  :) The nails should look glamorous yet simple.

    I hope you all like this post and thanks for reading n_n

    oh and sorry again for letting you all wait on a new post from me for like a month,  i feel really bad about it :( And I know i have been saying sorry a lot in my posts , but  i just have been really busy and especially this month.
    Okay than =D thanks! and if you like the nails, please feel free to comment below. I also have a question for you guys and that is : What are you going to do this summer ? I really like to know that, because i would like to know you all better ^_~

    Bye, Hope you all will have LOVELY day!
    much love



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    1. Your nails are so pretty! I think I'll do that look for a formal event!

    2. Yay! Glad to see you're back. :] Cute nails! Safe travels to China!!!! Hope you'll do lots of eating and shopping there~ heh heh.

    3. Very cute nails hon and you hair looks really pretty too :)

    4. Your nails are so pretty. I love the glitter.

      P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog. I hope you will jump over and enter.


    5. i luv anything with that much glitter and sparkle~~~


    6. cool nails! i'm usually not a person who likes a lot of sparkle but i think this looks nice on you because you have such a cute style n.n it really fits you :3
      i like your blog, i'm definitely keeping an eye on it =^,^=

      xoxo Monstros no Armário

    7. lovely nails <3 i can never do my own nails >.<


    8. going into fashion and business is so cool! good luck!

    9. Hey sweetie! Im glad your back and DARLING! IM SO SORRY but the giveaway was during the summer so it ended already T_T! And you don't really need to send me anything!!! >< I feel so terrible that you missed my giveaway and now you want to give me a gift! *double-guilt-sword-stab* T_T <-- this doesn't even express my guilt enough, I wish I could make it look like it was crying a waterfall lol but just as another way to contact each other my email is sukipooki@hotmail.ca! (yeah I know I made one just for my blog, how lame hahahahaha)

      I hope your doing alright with the assignments from school! I've got some too and to be honest Im really not used to getting "homework" again haha like in high school! So it's probably going to be a little while before I get used to it again =P Oh and how's it going with the drivers license? Are you going for your full one? I only have my "N" one hahaha it's embarrassing =P I hope you do some posts on China and your vacay! I'd love to see photos and read what you experienced!

    10. Your nails look great, I love how its sparkly :)