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Romantic Prom look

 Hey everyone n_n

Do you remember that i promised you guys a prom look ? Well here it is ^^  . It took a while, but i was busy and the internet is finnaly letting me upload pictures on blogspot :)  . I actually did this look like 3 days ago, but i could upload it back than :( and i also have an OOTD for you guys, but i couldn't upload that too, so i will be doing that this week. 
Prom is probably over for the most people or it has yet to come, i don't know, because i don't have proms anymore. We in Holland don't really have a lot proms and i mostly didn't go to proms. So i was very excited to do one for you guys :D

On to the Prom look...

First: the makeup

this is what i did for the eyes, i used pink/black/white eyeshadows to create a pink romantic prom look.  I did that because i don't have a prom dress, but i have a pretty pink chiffon dress and this makeup will go very well with it. Also if you have a white or black prom dress, than you can use this eye look too. This eyelook is not only for Prom, but it is also good for a romantic date or something ^_~ 

If you want to know how i achieved this eyelook, than please continue reading. You can also skip this part if you don't want to read it,  to my prom hairdo :) .

Okay what you need and what i used is:

  1. a blending brush ( Sigma Tapered blending E40 )
  2. a eyeshadow brush ( Sigma eyeshading E55)
  3. A black and light pink color ( i used the black and light pink color of my maybelline eyestudio 12 grey pink drama)
  4. a white eyeshadow ( maybelline eyestudio mono 01 snow white)
  5. A pink eyeshadow (The pink color of my Coastel scents ultra shimmer pallete) 
  6. a light shimmer pink loose eye shadow powder. (Sephora NO1 nacres shimmer)
  7. A beige eyeshadow for your brow bone ( Coastel scents ultra matt pallete)
As you can see, i always use my sigma eye brushes. I really like them, especially the E55. For the people who don't know Sigma yet CLICK HERE to check them out, i really recommend them :)

On this picture on the third finger you can see a swatch of the light shimmer pink loose eye shadow powder. (Sephora NO1 nacres shimmer) that i used to create the prom look.

How I did this look:

 First don't put on foundation yet, because the loose eye shadow has some fall outs, so do your foundation after the eyelook.

  1. Put on white eyeshadow all over your lid and little bit above till where your eye socket/crease is supposed to be, if you have monolids. If you don't have that than just put it all over your lid. Also put the white eyeshadow in your innercorners to make your eyes look brighter  >>> see the red line on the picture for where i put the white eyeshadow on my eyes.
  2. Take your black eyeshadow and put it on your outer V. Don't take to much black eyeshadow if it is pigmented, just build it up till how dark you want it to be. Drag it a little bit in to your crease to make it looks like as if you have one or to define it.. >>> See the blue line on the piture for where i put it.
  3. Put the light pink eyeshadow on your lids >>> see the green line
  4. Blend all the harsh edges of your eyeshadow starting from the outer V.
  5. Take a pink eyeshadow close to the mine from the coastel scents pallete and put it on your lids. Don't take to much at a time, because it is pigmented and i don't want it to be too Pink, just a little bit will do. I did used these pink eyeshadows to form a base for the beautiful pink shimmer loose eyeshadow that i have >>> see the green line again.
  6. Take your light shimmer pink loose eyeshadow and put it on you lids to make your eye look pop. >>> see green line again
  7. Take your white eyeshadow again and put it again on your innercorners, because it might me blended away with step 4. >>> see purple line
  8. Line your eyes with black eyeliner/gel liner and wing it out. (use brown eyeliner or pencil to line your eyes for a more daytime/ date look )
  9. Take a black eyepencil  and put it on your waterline or do it like me and put white eyepencil on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger.  A tip: Put a black or white eyeshadow on your waterline of the same color pencil that you used to line it, to prevent it from fading and the line will also last longer.
  10. If you chose to line your waterline with a white color than don't forget to line your eyes 3 quarters in with a black eyepincil underneath it. See one of pictures with my eyes open, if you don't know what i mean .
  11. Curl your eyelashes
  12. Put on mascara or fake eyelashes. ( i only used mascara, because i  have never used fake eyelashes before and i have long eyelashes already ) don't forget to put mascara on your lower lashes!
  13. Fill in your eyebrows, that is very important, because it will create a more youthful/clean appearance and completes your makeup look complete.
  14. Now you can do your face routine like foundation and blush ( tip : use a blush that makes you look natural, so that your face don't look to pinkish,  i used a coral blush from elf named Shy) Also before you use foundation, use a primer so that your foundation will last a night long.
  15. Don't forget your lipstick or lipgloss! For this look, because i have a light pink eye makeup and a light pink dress, i can use a Pink lipgloss ( the one i used was revlon in pinkpop)
And now your romantic prom look is DONE ^^

More pictures of the look :

Hope you liked the makeup look :) although you can't really see the pink and the beautiful loose eyeshadow shimmer that i used, because of the low quality of my camera :( .
And now on to the hair:

This is what i did as a prom updo, becaus it is very princess like and it looks very romantic, which goes well with the makeup and dress.

I will now tell you how i did it and i hope you will understand it, because it is hard to explain by showing a picture.

What you need is:
  1. 2 rubber bands
  2. Bobbi pins
  3. an cute hair accesoiry
  4. a Curling iron or flat iron to curl your hair.

How to create this updo:
  1. take the top section of your hair from like where your eyes are and comb it to the side of  where you want your rose like bun to be and tie it with a rubber band
  2. Take a strand of hair on both sides of your head lose >>> see the curled hair strand on the picture above in front of my ears.
  3. Wrap the hair that you tied up in a bun without twisting the hair (<<< hope you'll understand what i mean. ) and pin it with bobbi pins. It doesn't have to look to neat, a little bit messy is oke, because we want create a bun that looks like a rose.
  4. take the middle section of your hair, that is from your eyes till almost underneath your ears. and tie it underneath the first bun.
  5. Do the same thing as number 3 with the middle section of your hair.
  6. Optional : Add a little hair accesoiry in the middle of the rose buns.
  7. Curl that last section with a curling iron or flat iron ( i used a flat iron), also don't forget to curl the strans on the sides of your head.
  8. Pin your last section of hair to the side of where your buns are.
  9. Use hairspray to let the everything stay in place.
And the romantic prom hair updo is done !

More pictures of my hair updo:

Left side

Right side ( Don't mind the mess on the background)

The Dress:

It is not really a prom dress, but this was the only dress that i had, that came close to a prom dress =P
And also don't mind the mess on this picture, i have cleaned my room already  :)

Hope you all like my Prom post and I also hope that I have helped you with your hair or makeup for prom, a romantic date  or anything else you want to use it for.  ^_^

 Also if someone has a request for me on a hairdo or makeuplook or fashion related stuff, please feel free to comment here your request or anywhere on my blog or you can contact me by clicking contact on the left side.

Thanks for reading!
See you all next time

Much Love!


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  1. Nice look! Makes me want to whip out my puffy prom dress and get dolled up hahaha I really regret buying the dress because I only wore it once and now it's just sitting in the closet =( Hopefully I get another chance to rock it before I decide to sell it or give it away! I love your dress here btw! I really wish I wore something like that to prom instead so it'd be versatile! Your hairstyle is really nice too! I love how you can put more accessories in to make it more "blingy" but it still looks lovely if you don't!

  2. oo purtty.. *o* i love ur hair! <3


  3. Beautiful! I love everything about this look. The makeup, hair and dress! You're gorgeous hun. =) Love your blog. New follower. It'd be great if you could check out my blog.


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  12. Thanx for the very detailed tutorial on your prom look. That must have taken quite some patience to type.

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