woensdag 25 mei 2011

short nail haul

Hi everyone

It has been a weeks and i am back with a short nail haul for you guys ^ ^  I actually wanted to post this last week but i am having some problems with my internet, it's like loading things really slow, so that is why i haven't been able to upload this short nail haul till now. Sorry again !!! :(  .But my brother is fixing the internet, we are getting another internet provider :D .

Oh and in my smokey golden eye post i mentioned that i would do a prom look and as you can see, i haven't been able to create one for you guys, so i am very sorry for that too, but i wanted to do a full prom look (makeup and hair) and i didn't really had time to do it. But i will do that soon like this week or next week. I promise ❤

On to the nail haul... well i got some nail polishes from my local drugstore called Kruidvat. They were having a sale like buy one and get one for free, so  i picked up 6 nail polishes.

The polishes i picked up are :

  1. 2True glossywear nailpolish in shade 2. I bought this nailpolish, because it has like fine purple and silver sparkles in it, which i really like about it. I think i will use this on another nail polish color, since it is a clear nailpolish color with sparkles. I have never bought a nailpolish before from this brand, but they are very cheap and affortable, they cost like 2,49 euro. This brand also sells makeup for a cheap price.
  2. The second nail polish i got is just a clear topcoat from Rimmel london pro super wear ultra shine , i bought this because you can never have enough topcoats. I always use a topcoat, so i bought this just in case i run out of topcoats :) .
Here's is a close-up of the 2true nailpolish, can you see the beautiful glitters?

3.   Maybelline express finish in pearly pink 143, I just love pearly pink nail polishes, so i bought it. I have one which is similar to this one and i just love that one and that is the Manhatten 55T. The diffrence is that this maybelline one is more pinkier than the manhatten one and i like that, i think.
4.   The fourth nail polish is also a pink color but not pearly or something and it is much more pinkier, it's like barbie pink or something :P . I ❤ pink , so i just bought it  hihi ^^ . oh it's called Maybelline forever strong pro in flamingo pink 170, it has calcium, iron and silica in it ❤so good for my nails!

5.   A nail polish from Gosh in 571 wild lilac, i just wanted a purple nailpolish, so that's why i bought this one.
6.  Also a Gosh nail polish in 579 miss minty, I just adore❤❤❤ minty nail polishes and this one is such a cute color, much beter than the Catrice 240 sold out forever that i used for my butterfly nail, because the Catrice one is more on the green side and this gosh one is more minty, so i am verry happy that i bough this gosh one :D and i directly put it on my nails when i went home. see >>> pictures below to see what i did with my nails :) 

I call this nail the dotted minty lace nail

how i did this nail :
First i saw a nail tutorial on youtube from Lepeix3 and that is how i came up with the lace part.
you can Click here to go to here youtube account and to see the video were i got lace inspired :P
I did the lace part a little bit diffrent from her as you can see and my lace lines is more thicker than hers, because she used a very fine dotting tool and i don't have that. Mine dotting tool is thicker, but it's okay because it turned out pretty good, don't you think ?
Uhm, i don't really have to explain how i did this nail now right?, now that you have seen her nail tutorial. I just did the same she did, but i used other colors and i just simply doted it and did the lace thingy.

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If you want more nail art tutorials, you can find them on youtube, you can click here  for my pink butterfly nail or you can click here  to go to Lepeix3 youtube account, she has wonderful and beautifull nail tutorials, i especially like her last one the Vintage Roses w/ Lace (Birthday Cake Inspired) nails, i think i will do that one, befor going to china in the summervacation :D

Okay everyone, talk to you next time! I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Enjoy ^_~


ps: the prom look is comming up soon...

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  1. ooo i luvthe nail you did with the green and the poka dot and the lace decor~~~so pretty~~~


  2. I love the lace detailing. (: So pretty!
    I need to get me some minty green polishes...

  3. I love that NOTD!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD


  4. Aww :( I hate how some things aren't available in other countries, esp. if it's something people rave about & I really really want to give a try!

    & You're welcome! (: I'm glad the bb cream review helped you. But since you're going for the Gold one, I'm not sure if it will be exactly the same as the Pink one I use. So, don't take my word for it! Hahah, however the Pink one isn't sticky at all. It dries to very nice matte finish.

    Ohhh, I'd be interested in the Gosh mint polish but I don't think they sell it in stores over here in the states... :( But yes, China Glaze Refreshmint looks promising! Thanks!

    Loll, no worries. I enjoy reading longer comments. :D

  5. awww, cute! i love to do my nails too :))

  6. aaah that's cute! ^_^


  7. These GOSH's nail polishes are so adorable !

  8. Pretty colours and i like your design!! xX

  9. Nice review and I love your nail art! Lately I've been buying a whole bunch of polishes and I really need to stop! Doing nail art is really hard for my, especially for my right hand so I often use nail stickers to cheat hahaha You're so lucky that your cooking turns out really well, I only make things that are easy like bagels with smoked salmon on top hahaha but that's good you're proving your mom/bf wrong and that you're going to be a great wife in the future! >=)

    I've been really lazy at doing masks lately hahaha it's so bad for my skin! >< Oh and don't worry about talking too much in your comments, there's not such thing as nonsense and I want to thank you for taking so much time to type such a long comment!! >< and don't worry about giving me a separate gift when you reach 100 followers, Im happy just reading your posts!!! =D and sorry if my comment seems a bit bland today, too much studying has fried my brain cells and they've yet to regenerate lol

  10. Aww. It's so cute! Oh yea, ask for you help. can you help to vote for me here? I just want to win the toy. So cute! HAHA! thanks a lot if you're willing to help. <3


  11. so cute. I love the mint color and lace detailing. :)

  12. Your nails are awesome! I'm new on blogger, if you can check out my blog :)

  13. your nails look gorgeous
    & I love the Gosh nail colours!!


  14. loveee the naails <3
    and thankyou so much for followingg mee :D

  15. Hi Amy,
    I'm glad that you got inspired by my nailart! :-)
    xoxo Lepeix3