zaterdag 30 april 2011

Smokey Golden eyelook

Hello everyone

I have a new eye look for you guys.
But before i go one with everything else, i first want to apologize for not posting anything for 2 weeks. I always try to make 1 or 2 post each week, but because i have been busy, i haven't been able to upload anything so i'm truly SORRY.

Okay, on to the smokey golden eye look. 

This is how my smokey golden eye look looks like.

 I really like it myself and got a lot of compliments about it and that's why i wanted to share with you.
Its very simple to do and  its a perfect look for a fun night out.
I have done this look like 3 times, once for christmas and 2 times for clubbing.

If you like this look, than continue reading, because i will be explaining how i did it.

What you need and what i used is:
  1. a blending brush ( Tapered blending E40 )
  2. a eyeshadow brush (eyeshading E55)
  3. a black eyeshadow ( I used the black on my maybelline eyestudio 12 grey pink drama)
  4. a white eyeshadow ( maybelline eyestudio mono 01 snow white)
  5. A gold eyeshadow ( Sephora french riviera gold N48)

How to :

 First put on foundation if you use it. (You can also put on foundation after the eyelook if your eyeshadows have a lot of fall out. )

To make it easier to understand what i mean, i made a photo of my eyes and highlighted where you put the eyeshadows.
  1. Put on white eyeshadow all over your lid and little bit above till where your eye socket/crease is supposed to be, if you have monolids. If you don't have monolids just put it all over your lid. Also don't forget to put the eyeshadow on the inner corners to brighten up your eyes.  >>> see the red line on the picture for how i put the white eyeshadow on my eyes.
  2. Take your black eyeshadow and put it on your outer V. Don't take to much black eyeshadow if it is pigmented, just build it up till how dark you want it to be. Drag it a little bit in to your crease to make it looks like as if you have one and if you really have a crease, than also do it a little bit to define it. >>> See the green line on the piture for where i put it.
  3. Put the gold eyeshadow on your lids >>> see the blue line. and a little bit under your lower lashline.
  4. Blend all the harsh edges of your eyeshadow starting from the outer V.
  5. Line your eyes with black eyeliner/gel liner and wing it out.
  6. Put black eyepencil on your waterline or do it like me and put white eyepencil on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger. Over the black or white eyepencil put some eyeshadow of the same color that you used to line it, to prevent it from fading and the line will also last longer.
  7. If you chose to line your waterline with a white color than don't forget to line your eyes 3 quarters in with a black eyepincil underneath it. See one of pictures with my eyes open .
  8. Curl your eyelashes
  9. Put on mascara or fake eyelashes. ( i only used mascara, because i  have never used fake eyelashes before and i have long eyelashes myself =D ) don't forget your lower lashes!
  10. put on blush, lipstick and don't forget to do your eyebrows.
And DONE ! your smokey golden eyelook is ready.

this is how it should look like ^^ 
( can you see the camera in my eyes?  xD )

Me with the eyelook

See, i have long lashes myself ^^ 
And do you see the wrinkels where the red arrow is? I don't like that . I'm using a laneige eye cream to make it dissapear or to prevent it for more wrinkles, but i don't see any improvement. So if  any of you know any good eye cream, please recommend me one in the comment section below. I will be very grateful ^^

 This is the dress that i wore with the eyelook when i went clubbing last time.
I did that look with this dress, because it had black stripes and golden buttons.

Me with a good friend @ I love asian, hollywood (where we go out clubbing)

Okay this is it for this post. For the next post i wanted to do a prom look, because i see a lot of prom looks on youtube and stuff. So I don't know if you had your prom yet or if your going to have one, but i don't had a prom since 2 years ago, so i like to create one for you. ^_~

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  1. thats pretty look~~~im so jealous of your long lashes~~~so so envious~~~i was just gonna sk if you put on false lashes then i saw your writting say u jealous~~~~

  2. wow this is a really pretty look. You look stunning and it really brings out your eye color more :)

  3. You're so beautiful!Lobe the outfit and the mae up, well done!

  4. Very pretty! Such pretty eyelashes!

  5. cat in the boots ♥♥♥
    and nice job! the eyelook is gorgeous XO

  6. I love your eyemakeup! Great job with the smokey golden look. I'm a new follower!<3

  7. it looks great on you ^_^

  8. love the eye color and the cute dress