zondag 10 april 2011

Pink butterfly nails

Hello everyone, i'm back with a butterfly nail tutorial. Ever since i wanted to start a youtube channel, i had a lot of idea's for makeup tutorials and nails , etc.. and this is one of them and as you know by reading my first post, i don't have a youtube channel. So i'm going to blog it and explain how you do this nail as good as possible.
The nails are perfect for spring and they are a little bit inspired by bubzbeauty's bumble bee nails with her tracing dots, bright color, etc ...
This is how my  pink butterfly nails look like. You can do this pink butterfly nail on long, medium or short nails, i did them on short nails, because before i had long nails, but short nails are just better to work with, play piano with it and then i won't accidentally scratch my boyfriend xD

I mosty prefer medium length nails when i polish them , but this time i just did this on short nails ^^

Oke if you like them, then please continue reading n_n

What you will be needing is and what i used is:

  1.  pink nailpolish. Catrice 160 Sweets for my sweets
  2. black nailpolish. 2B cosmetics in black, got that one on sale for just 1 euro.
  3. darkblue nailpolish or i think it would be better with a purple nailpolish, but i don't have one yet. Hema nailpolish in dark blue
  4. white nailpolish. Hema french manicure nailpolish in white coat , i like this one because it has a thin specially designed brush, perfect to make a white nailtip whit it.
  5. grey nailpolish. Sephora Mo4 rock
  6. mint green or green nailpolish, i just a mind colored one, because i don't a green nail polish and i think the mint green one suits the pink color better. Catrice 240 sold out forever
  7. clear top coat nailpolish. Rimmel londen 5 in 1 nail treat base & top coat total care action
8.  A nail dotting tool, i got this in a nailbrush set fron ebay. I olny used a dotting tool and not a brush, but it is better to use a brush, because this dotting tool i have is only made for making dots and if you draw with it, i suggest to draw it in dotting motions. I didn't use the brushes, because i thought you can draw with it and i was too lazy to get the brushes hihi.. -_-'' 
9.   Tissues/toilet paper for if something goes wrong and for whiping of the nailpolish from the dotting tool everytime you use another color.

Oke if you have all those stuff than we can start, by the way you can also use other colors ofcourse if you like :

  1. Coat your nails with pink polish
  2. Draw with the dotting tool in dotting mothions the body of the butterfly with a black nailpolish >> see nr 2 on picture
  3. Whipe the black color of the dotting tool and take some dark blue nailpolish and draw the wings of the butterfly. >>see nr 3 on picture

 4.  Again whipe the dark blue color of the dotting tool and take some white nailpolish and color the wings in. >> see nr 4 on picture
5.  Whipe the nailpolish of the dotting tool and take some silver nailpolish and make 2 dots in each wing . see nr 5 on picture ( i marked them red so can see better where to make dots).

Oke now you butterfly is ready ^^

6. this is optional, you don't have to take mint green nailpolish to make a leaves. But i did >>see nr 6 on picture, i made them look like as if it is sitting on a leaf.

Oke and this was it for the butterfly nails , her beneath you can see  a picture of examples of how you can polish the other nails.
7.  Just a butterfly without a leaf and some tracingdots
8. Only tracing dots on your nails.
9. a leaf in a corner and a butterfly in the upper corner and some tracing dots like if it is flying away.

Okay that is it for the examples of how you can polish the other nails, for more examples just look at the picture of my nails xD.

oh and I almost forgot to say the last thing you should do and that is coating your nails with a clear topcoat.

I hope you all like the Pink butterfly nails and if you do, please leave a comment and follow me or subsribe for more post from me.
You all have a lovely and great day and have fun with the nails if you did them!


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  1. Wow these nails are super cute! I really like them! :)


  2. such cute nails! Love them! The butterflies are so adorable.

  3. omg that's so cool you design that! very talented!!

  4. its really springy and cute ♥ butterflies

  5. i really like the mint green color <3 great color for spring/summer :)

    & i loveee your designn <3