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A Look . . .

Hi , i'm back with a eye/hair/clothes look for you guys. I don't know how i should name this post so i just named it a look , but if you know a better name for it please tell me :)

Before i start i wanted to tell you guys that my little niece was having a birthday party , she turned 11 and there would come a lot people so i felt like looking good that day and that's why i did my eyes and hair. Normally i wouldn't really wear eyeshadow on a daily base, only if i wanted to look extra pretty :) or have the extra time for it. But my look is very very simple, so enjoy!

 By the way : the food @ my niece birthday :D


I did a blue/white eye makeup , because i'm going to wear blue vest en blue/striped top en white jeans
This is how it looks:

eyes closed
boe ! eyes open..

As you can see I have like monolids with a smal lid kida eyes. =P

Ok how i did this simple eye look is and what i used:
  1. Apply a eye primer . urban decay eyeshadow primer potion.
  2. Than apply a white eyeshadow all over you lid and inner corner to open up your eyes.  maybelline eye studio mono  in 01 snow white  , sigma eyeshading brush in E55.
  3. Than take a blue eyeshadow en put that into your crease area. The blue color from the Elf brightning eye color quad in punk funk 2015
  4. Than blend the harsh edges Sigma tapered blending brush in E40
  5. Apply eye liner and wing it out black eyeliner from the body shop
  6. apply a white eye pencil on your waterline Sephora white eye pencil
  7. apply the white eyeshadow on your waterline to prevent it from fading away.Maybelline eye studio mono  in 01 snow white
  8. apply with black kohl pencil  a thin line under your waterline. Just a Loreal black kohl eye pencil
  9. Curl your lashes and use mascara : I used an discontinued mascara from loreal called parasonic curl, I love this mascara because it holds your curl very well. You can still get this mascara from ebay i think. But now it is discontinued i like to use the 3D lash architect from loreal paris on a daily base. Tip: Use waterproof mascara if you have asian eye lashes, because waterproof mascara will hold the curl of your curled eyelashes.
  10. Apply fake eyelashes if you use them. I didn't use faske eyelashes, because i already have long eyelashes, but i want to try them out some times.
And your done ! easy isn't it , just 2 eyeshadow colors.. :)

For my face i used:
  1. Olaz beauty fluid to hydrate your skin <<< a lotion for your face, a must have, because you can use it as a makeup base, you can mix it wiht your foundation, you can use it as an afther sun cream and you can use it on your hands , <3 i just love it . Olaz also known as Olay
  2. Sephora smoothing primer 
  3. foundation :Dream smooth mousse in 110 porcelain ivory, applied with my sigma foundation brush F60
  4. My new powder to set the foundation : Sephora matyfiying compact powder in D20 warm nude.
  5. blush : elf natureal radiance blusher in shy 00819 , applied with my eco tools blush brush.
  6. a mat brown eyeshadow from clinique  to contour my face. I got this quad for my birthday 1 year ago and i love how mat it is, i use it to contour and as a brown eyeliner for my eyes sometimes.
 I you haven't tried out a sigma brush yet, than you're crazy , because they are so soft and i really love them. Some people claim that they are better than the mac ones, but i don't know, because i don't own a mac brush :(

I you want to check out the sigma brushes than click HERE 

moving on to my my hair :

Curl your hair or do as i did on the picture below
  1.  Before you do this, you hair should be a little bit wet, not to wet, because when you have it in buns than it's harder to air dry when you sleep and than you would get wet curls what will not stay in your hair.
  2. Before you make buns in your hair you can apply some mouse in your hair, but i didn't because i forgot xD
  3. GO TO BED AND SLEEP. good night! Zzzzzz
  4. Next day, take them out and seprate them while twisting them into curls.
  5. Take a curling iron if the curls aren't that beautiful and curls some strands. I curled like 5 strands of hair and that's it.
  6. Than take a strand of hair on the left side of your head and braid it and clip it with some bobby pins on the back of your head. >>> See pictures
  7. Do the same on the right side of your head and voila your hear is done!
The pictures of my hair to make it easier for you to understand what mean:

left side

 right side

 back side

 finished look of my makeup and hair : 
Sorry for not smiling xD

The last part : the clothes

 clothes: blue long vest, a cute top from bershka, white jeans from ti'amo <shops in holland

 I like to wear my blue vest closed with just one button.

Shoes :

I got the shoes from China, cute huh :D I love them, because it has every thing i love, it's white , it has hearts and a bow and the inside is cute too

China is really a lovely place to shop , the stuff are effortable, unique and the clothes/shoes always have a lot of details unlike clothes in holland. I always find the clothes in holland a little bit basic and if it has details it's mostly pricy :( and also in China you have so many unque stores <3 just love to go there.

Oke everyone, I hope you liked my post and that everything was understandable.
Have a lovely day!

^ Xoxo


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  1. That's an adorable hair do and I love your outfit especially the top! I also often button my cardigans like that too =D I like it when my top gets to peek through! I really need to practice putting eyeliner on my water line, Im super bad at it =(

  2. Very cute! I need some white skinnies myself!

  3. Gorgeous FOTD & OOTD!!! I will definitely try out that hairstyle one day. It's so cute!

    BTW, all of that food looks yummy! Hope your niece had a wonderful bday. <3

  4. Oh my god, i love the shoes! They're so cute! :)

  5. love your eyes ,
    im always a bit reluctant to weareyeshadow but i really want to start !
    you look lovely aswell
    mantenso xx

  6. Thanks so much, I'm actually wearing Freshlooks Contacts in Sterling Grey.

    And I like that soft greyish blue makeup look! It reminds me of the colors that I have in the Estee Lauder Black Moon duo!

  7. Cute! I love the makeup and the hair! So fab ^^ xx

  8. yes we could! I think blogger should give all bloggers a travel fun to meet other bloggers hahaha =P

    I know what you mean about shopping in China, though I haven't shopped there before but I was in Hong Kong for about 10 days last year and shopping was so nice because it was the first time in my life when I didn't really have to pay attention to price tags! Lol sometimes Im very tempted to go back for 3 days and shop! =P

  9. the food looks yummy and you are gorgeous loved the look
    im your new follower hoping to be followed back by you :)
    and dont forget to enter my international giveaway

  10. like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

  11. Wow ..
    Beautiful Chinese
    I'm envy ur beauty :D

  12. wao. the simplest hair make! I use the iron curler to curl my hair and now my hair is a mess. =.=

  13. Oh yea. dont forget to check back my site. Teehee.