vrijdag 15 april 2011

I'm your lush!

Hi everyone, i am participating another giveaway xD . I have never won anything so far, but i won't stop trying! And you also don't stop trying!

Okay on to the giveaway >>>

This giveaway is hold by the wonderful Tasha from http://www.imyourlush.com/
I find this giveaway the most amazing giveaway i  have ever seen so far, because she is giving away things worth $600 together. Isn't that amazing :D . So definitely don't forget to stop by her wonder blog to participate her giveaway. I mean you can win a ghd, a MAC quite cute collection and a naked pallete xD all things i don't have yet :( 

Don't miss out this chance and participate the giveaway like i did :D

just go to her blog by clicking HERE . The list with all you need to do is on her blog.

 Enjoy and goodluck!


the giveaway ends on 27.05.11

9 opmerkingen:

  1. That does seem like an awesome giveaway!!! But, how come she hasn't post anything else but giveaways on her blog seems odd and fake :<

  2. wow... ghd... yeah agreed with above... meh still joined :D
    you should also check out my one ! teeeheee :D

  3. That's a crazy giveaway!!! i really hope you win! I personally could use the mac cute collection myself LOL I bought one of their lip glasses and am sooo tempted to buy the other colours but Im holding out for their may collection! Honestly, I think it'd be a great idea if she separated those items so there would be ore winners, I honestly wouldn't mind any of those prizes!

  4. What a crazy giveaway! Thanks for sharing it! ^^ Great blog btw.

  5. Im from Vancouver, B.C in Canada! Im not sure if I have any travelling plans for the summer yet, Im a pretty last minute person when it comes to travelling lol but Im thinking of going to new york but that's still on the fence =) You're going to have such a fun summer travelling!

  6. that giveaway looks amazing~~~and thx for following me, as for the little widget thingy, go to http://widgetindex.blogspot.com/2010/04/welcome-to-my-blog.html

    they have tons of widgets~~~including hello kitty~~~ hope this helps~~~

    ps i like your blog very much as well~~~so i followed

    keep uup the good work and have a nice day

  7. come back green monster results is up!