zondag 27 maart 2011

Sephora haul ❤

Hi everyone! 
There was or is still a Sephora sale at V&D (vroom en dreesman a warehouse that sells clothes, makeup, electronic stuff, jewelry, books , etc....) in Holland. 3 product for just 10 euro's!!! So offcourse i had to go there and i picked up 12 items for  just 25euro's, because i used my 15 euro gift card that i got for my birthday (40 euro's - 15 euro's = 25 euro) . Still without the gift card it is already very cheap that you can get 3 product for just 10 euro's. So everyone who lives in Holland, go to V&D ! =P ...but i'm not sure if the sale is over or not, because the sale started on 24 march.
And also O_O it was very crowded at Sephora xD

But I am very glad that i went there, because i have purchased some good stuff :D and what got is :

1 =  a light pink loose eye shadow powder in NO1 nacres shimmer.
I really like how the eyeshadow has a lot of shimmer in it and i think it will be perfect if you use it on top of a pink eyeshadow for a romantic or prom look .

2 = a gold eyeshadow in french riviera gold N48.
I already have gold eyeshadow in my coastal scents pallete, but that gold is too light and  most of the time i would have to use a lot of that gold eyeshadow to make it noticeble, so  I was searching for a good gold eyeschadow and i think i found one :) , because this one is very pigmented and it has gold shimmer in it. <3

3= a denim purplelish color in tango night N35
I love this color, especially if you swatch it, than you can see that it is kinda purplelish. And again this one has shimmer too, so perfect to use for a fun night out.

4 = a waterproof kohl and liner in 01 keep black
I work at a take away of my parents where they sell chips, snacks and chinese food, so I needed a good kohl pencil that doesn't smudge and fades away during the day (because of the oil and stuff), so i picked this one up. It has a normal kohl pencil tip and a smudge tip on the other side of the pencil.

5 = a white eye pencil in 03 pure white.
I already have another one of this white eye pencil that i got last year at the same 3 for 10 euro's Sephora sale, but i needed another one so i purchased the same one.

6 = a cute blush in (blush me) rose N10
I haven't used this one yet, but i purchased it because it has 3 shades, a highlighter, blush and a contour color.

7 = a blush in (blush me twice) duo capricieuse N1
A pretty pink color and a brown contour color. I have not used it yet, but i did swatched it when i opened it and i do like the pink color but not the brown color, because it is kinda orange.

8 = a smoothing primer.
It is a smoothing and matifying primer.
I have used this product just once and i like it, it make your face incredibly smooth and soft. It goes on as a soft clear gel. And if it is a good primer to make your makeup stay on longer/better? , hmm i don't know yet, only that it makes your face really smooth :D . I purchased 3 of them, because is comes in a small bottle with a pump, so i wanted a back up and i wanted to give one away to my followers for when i hold a give away. ^_~
9 = a matifying compact powder in D20 warm nude.
I have used up my laneige dual powder and the loreal powder  that i always used seems to be the wrong shade, so i needed a power and i purchased this one. It was hard for finding the right shade, because i have never used a Sephora powder or foundation, but i got the right shade! Yay! I usually need the second lightest shade of powder and foundation and my revlon photoready foundation is in nude , so i though that this would probably be the right shade and it is.
One thing i don't like about it is that everytime when i put this powder on the scent reminds me of barbie hair xD , it doesn't smell funny or something, but i rather like it to be smelling like nothing or like my laneige powder. It is a good powder, but i love my laneige powder and loreal powder more.

10 = a pink lipgloss called pin up pink
I love pink lipglosses and this one is similiar to the revlon pink pop, but the revlon one is like a tiny litle bit more pigmented/darker. Just a tiny little bit, almost not noticeable, only if you swatch it.

Here you can see the swatches of my eye shadows
you probably know which one is which one right.

Oke  guys this is it for my Sephora haul
before I end this post i want to share my nails and soms boots that i got for a cheap price.

My spring french manicure nails, it is very simple and similiar to the snowflake nails , only this time i have used other nail stickers. (the flower stickers are from the brand essence and for the dutch people: you can buy them at Kruidvat our local drugstore)

The boots <3 I always wanted to purchase this pair of boots when i saw them at Tango a shoe store, but i never did until now! because Tango is going to stop selling shoes, so they have a 75 % off and offcourse i had to go and take a look and i saw the boots, they where the last pair that they have and in my size :D so i was very happy and i have purchased them for just 12,50  =O  . So glad that i haven't purchased them earlier. hihi
Oh and one thing i don't really like is the feathers on the boots, but i can take them off

oke this is it for now
I hope you enjoyed my haul.
tanks for reading and take care!

Amy ^_~

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  1. love your everyday makeup^^ you look like a korean ulzzang^^

    thank you very much for your compliment about my jewelry :) i'm very inspired by korean dramas and kpop^^ by the way, very soon i'll release my "dream high" interpretation with a pair of earrings^^

    have a lovely day :)

  2. wow your nails are sooo nice!! I really like the design :)



  3. I dont really think that Sephora is a great make up line but these swatches are amazing and giving me second thoughts about sephora brands.

  4. Oh, i really like your nails! So cute! :)


  5. Hi, do you know if Sephora is still available in the Netherlands?
    x, nessiejudge.blogspot.com