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Random nov-feb haul

Hi n_n

Here is is it than my random nov-feb haul. I call it random because there will be random stuff in it, that i just wanted to share with you. Most things that i will be showing are from the internet =P.

I just love to shop online, because there's are a lot of cute and unique stuff online. Also it is much cheaper to buy things online. 

Before we start with the haul i wanted to tell you guys that i don't make this haul because i wanted to brag about the stuff i got, i just feel like sharing the stuff i got these past 4 months and wanted to give a small review about it.
I hope you like my first haul ever :)

Oh and i wanted to warn you guys that this blog/haul will be very long xD

Oke lets start with the clothes!

I purchased the following clothes that i will be showing on  
It is a site that sells unique and cute asian clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for a cheap price. They also sell things for men and children.

Cute blue long sleeve dress
I really like it and it looks exactly just like the picture. I like the ruffel thing and the black detailing on the shoulder.

Sexy white dress
I lOVE this dress, i have worn this dress once when i went out clubbing.
What i love about it is the fabric, it is elastic and very comfortable to wear. Also the detailing in the middle is very pretty, what you can't really see on the picture right now.

Lace sequin dress
I really love this one too. I really like the lace top of the dress and the sequins on the lower part on the dress.
I have worn this dress 2 times already, once for clubbing and once for christmas.
I have posted this dress as my christmas outfit on my first blog.

 This was my christmas outfit that i showed you on my first blog.
If you want to see this picture bigger, than go to my first blog.

Here you can see my wearing the dress in iphone quality. 

To be honest ,I first didn't really like how the dress looked on my because of the thick straps. So i made them tinner on the beginning of the strap >>see the arrow on the picture. I also did this on the back and now i love this dress. 
I just don't really like how thick straps look on my =P
I also like to wear this dress with a waistbelt with some gold accents like the heart on my belt.

Two piece dress.
When i first saw this outfit i really wanted to buy it, because i think this outfit is just something unique.
What i like about it is the offschoulder top. What i don't like is the striped dress. Why ? because the striped dress doesn't look good in real, the collar is kinda high and I like it a little bit lower. But i do really like this outfit for the summer, so i intend to search for another striped dress that i do like and wear it with this top.

Black gold button vest
I love this vest, i like the gold buttons, the shortness of the vest and sleeves and the fabric.
This vest is just simply comfortable and cute. It also comes in white , i think. But i like the black one better :)
Oh and i have worn this vest many times already and also for christmas.

Chiffon top
This to is something for the summer xD I like chiffon top, but i don't like the top underneath. I don't like it because the lace on the top is kinda scratchy and from hard lace fabric. So for this chiffon top i will have to find something else to wear underneath. 

Black scarf
I think this scarf is cute and i like it. The winter is almost over, but i still have not worn this one yet =P
Maybe i will use it next winter xD

Elegant black belt
I have purchased this belt in black and i already have this belt in white.
The weird thing is that i got the white belt in China when i went there in the summer vacation (2010)
(the picture is from their site)

Sexy legging!
I simply just love this legging! I think it is unique and makes an outfit look edgy. One con about it, is that the front is not like on the back, it has nothing on the back. I think I would love the legging more if the open cuts would go all the way to the back.

This is it for the things i bought on
It is really a site worth checking :P
So check the site out!

moving on...

Black striped dress.
I love this one, like the buttons and the fabric. I is very comfortable to wear it. I got this dress from ebay.
I don't know how much it cost anymore, but i do know i was like under $20.

Me wearing this dress in iphone quality.

Cute striped flower dress.
When i saw this dress, i had to buy it xD . I like it alot and i got this dress also from ebay for a cheap price.
It comes without the belt. 
Hmm...I think you can still buy this dress on ebay.
But one con about this dress is the fabric, it is made from thin fabric :(
But i still like it though xD

My Guess bag
I got it when it was on sale in a store called Topshelf ( a store in Holland)
I just really like the bag and wanted to show you how it looks. 
By the way my mom paid for this bag =P There was a sale called get 2 things and get 1 thing for free and this bag was for free , because my mom got some other things.

The bag has a army green color with some gold things, as you can see on the picture.

 You can use the bag as a shoulderbag or as a handbag.
(btw not my room )

This is how the inside looks.

Quilting bag shoulder bag black
I was searching for a small black quilted bag and this one is just perfect!
1. It's cheap
2. You can use the bag in 2 ways, because of the straps. (long or short) 
3. Its not too small. My  long wallet and makeup purse fits perfectly in the bag.
4. It has 2 compartments, so that I can store items that i want to take with me separately.

 Here you see the 2 compartments. I can put my wallet and makeup purse which is together about 11/12 cm thick in the first compartment and in the second i just put some other loose stuff.

Also on the bag it has another pocket, where you can put in your ID or what i do is my travel card (OV chipkaart in dutch)

Here's the funny thing: My mom has a quilted bag in her closet but she never used it. She got the bag from earlier when she was like 30 years or so and i never knew that xD. If i did knew than i wouldn't be searching for one. Now i have 2 quilted bags, since she has given her bag to me. 
But still i am still glad i purchased the quilted bag, because:
1. My bag is bigger
2. my bag is silver with black and my mom's one is gold with black ( now i can match it with my clothes/jewelry ..etc ) 
3. You can use my bag in 2 diffrent ways and my mom's one has only a long strap which cannot be shortened.

So the 2 bags are kinda diffrent.  :)

By the way i purchased my bag on Ebay and you can still find it there. For the ones who are interested in the bag just typ in NWT LADIES HANDBAG Quilting Bag Black on

Silver Dior Makeup bag
I also got this cute Dior makeup purse for a cheap price on ebay. I wanted to buy a makeup purse for my friend who's birthday was comming up and i wanted to fill it with some random cute stuff she could use. But I ended not giving it to her for her bday, because later she said she didn't want makeup/bathstuff/wallets/etc... -__- so that is why i kept the bag. I still don't know what i am going to use it for, because i have purchased another cute makeupbag for myself already... 

My new makeup bag
My new make-up bag isn't it cute!!! I love it. I love anything with musicnotes, hearts, bows and stars =P

This is how it opens! Handy , don't you think? Well i do find it handy, that you can open the bag like that, because now i can find my makeup easier without taking everything out till I finally can find that one eyeliner or lipstick i wanted to use.

Another thing why i like this bag is the heart on the zipper!
You can find this bag on ebay ^_~

Hello kitty camera bag
SOO cute ... I love hello kitty don't you? I use this bag for my camera.
This bag has 2 compartments very handy! And also a cute strap, which you can take it off and put a longer strap on it if you have one.

The bag came with 2 fillings, but i took one out and kept one, because the bag is thin and i feel like it is safetier for my camera if there is some soft filling in the bag.

Moving on to makeup...

Let's start with the elf products i got.
I have got some ELF daily brush cleaner, a blush in the color shy, some hypershine lipgloss, some luscious liquid lipstick, a high definition powder, a nail nourishing cuticle pen, a nail polish remover pads, a all over color stick, a brightning eye color quad in punk funk and a cuticle pusher.

I had never used ELF before and wanted to try it out because of the cheap prices. I got them all online on their website  for people living in the US go to >>
 for people in the uk go to

My review about the stuff i got:

what i will like so far is:
1. their blush in shy ( the sad thing was that i received it broken)
2. their eye color quad, because it is very cheap and very pigmented.
3. their high definiton powder, I have used it like 3 times, so don't really can say anything about other that it does not make my face cakey and that it is a translucent powder.

What i don't like is:
1. their lipglosses and liquid lipstick, because it is not pigmented at all and it is too sticky for my.

The other things i have not tried it yet. But  most things are nail things, so probably that can't go wrong.
As for the brush cleaner, i do want to try it but people say that the smell is horrible, so i don't dare to use it on my brushes just yet.

swatches: left is the all over coler stick and right is the blush in shy.

see how broken it was when i received it :(

This is the all over colerstick.

Random lip and eye pencil i purchased
I have got these things from ebay.

  • The first thing is a cheap pearly white eyepencil, what i like to use on my inner tearducks.
  • The second thing is a Revlon just bitten lipstain with a balm in the collor passion. I don't like it, because it turns really redish pink on my lips and i wanted it to be more pink. But overall it does stain on your lips very good.
  • The third thing is a NYX lipstick in 595 strawberry milk. I like it, but i don't love it, because the color of the lipstick for my lips is not a fantastic match. It is too light milky pinkish. I don't know, it just does not match me. But i can use this lipstick color by putting another lipgloss color over it =P .                Oh and another thing i don't like about it is that when i put on the lipstick it would show all the lines on my lip and dry places on my lip :( . So i can only use it when my lips aren't that dry or if i put a lipbalm under it. 

 This is how it looks without the caps
 swatches of the colors on a white paper. I think you can tell which one is which one right?

And swatches of the colors on my hand. Left one is the pearly white eye pencil, the middle one is the lipstain and the right one is the NYX lipstick

Maybelline dream smooth mousse and maybelline age renewal concealer
My new everyday foundation and concealer that i purchase on ebay :)

I love the foundation!!! i really recommend it to you guys! It is really easy to apply, it covers very good and makes your face look dewy ( if you don't like dewy than you can put a powder over it to make it set and mat)
I have 2 of them, because 1 of them is the wrong shade. I got it first in the shade 150 classic ivory, but with my powder over it , it kinda make my face look orange, so i bought another one in shade 110 porcelain ivory. 110 was good for my, but a little tiny bit too light, but with my laneige snow crystal dual powder over it , than it is just fine.
Overall BUY this foundation and try it OUT! I love it.
oh and if you want to know i put my foundation on with my sigma foundation brush F60

If you guys want i can make a review on my sigma brush rol.

About the age renewal concealer: well.. i like it, it gives a good coverage to cover my under eye circles.
I always use it or i use my Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll as my under eye concealer or i use nothing, because the foundation actually covers my under eye circle well enough.
I think it depends on the day which one i use or don't xD

I purchase the age renewal concealer in the color light, because i got the lightest shade foundation of their smooth mousse collection. But i still got the wrong shade concealer, because it is a bit too light for my.

Eco tools brush set
Also purchased from ebay. 
I  first saw them on youtube and people on youtube really like them , so i though why not try them out. And i'm glad i did. These brushes are really soft and not expensive at all and also eco friendly :)
I like them !
Stila lovely eye the talking pallete
I liked the colors of this pallete so i had to buy it, i found it on ebay for a cheap price. This palette is very pigmented and can talk by pushing on the button inside, but mine doesn't work :( so i don't know what it will say.
Aso I love packaging if you move it the eye opens and closes, which is really cool.

The left one is the inside of the Stila pallete.

The right one is a gosh pallete with lights called vanity pastel, i got this one in my local drugstore for 50% off. And at that time i had not received my Stila one yet, so when i was in the drugstore looking at the gosh pallete i forgot that the colors were the same as the stila one i purchased online. That is why i got almost the same colored palletes.

There are diffrences and that is:
the colors of the stila one is more pigmented and bigger. And also the Stila one has a beige and light blue color but the gosh one does not have that, instead it has a light pastel green color and a yellow color. And the Pink of the stila one is darker as you can see on the picture.

Some random stuff from ebay
  • The first one is a cute hello kitty pen with a flashlight, very handy for in my purse to find things xD 
  • The second one is a Mascara Applicator Guide Eyelash Comb, really handy if you don't want mascara on your eye. It also makes my lashes more defined if i use the applicator guide to put on mascara.
  • The third one is a Maybelline 12H superstay powergloss in 160 glass rose. I saw this color on someone's lips on youtube and i liked it so i purchased on. But unfortinately the color is diffrent on my lips. About if it last 12H , hmm not really. I have used it 2 times, but the color didn't really stay on my lips. I think i will have to use it more, before if i really can tell you if it stays for 12hours or not.

Last thing i wanted to show you guys is my  :

My Winter beanie hat
 I love it, because of the bow and the heart shapped diamont thing and it kept me warm during the cold and snowy winter. 1 con about it is that it could be a litle bit smaller.

the side view and front

Well this is the end of my long haul, it is long because like i told you guys i actually wanted to begin blogging in Novermber. And if i did begin in November, than it would be short hauls of these things i have showed.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you did please follow.
and also sorry for not blogging in 8 days.

Take care everyone!
and much love from my <3

peace! ^_^

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  1. all your stuff is really cute~ Especially the quilted bags! I want to chanel one but currently I don't have 4000$ for just a bag so maybe sometime in the future LOL