zaterdag 19 maart 2011

My 19th Birthday

WOEEEEHOEEE it's my birthday :D !!! and i am officially old =.=
uuh...well, i am happy that is it my birthday  hihi , but not that i am turning 19. I mean that is almost 20 and i don't wanna be 20 !!! 
Hmmm...maybe i am overreacting, but i just rather like to be like 16/17 right now or something , don't know why , so don't ask xD . Do you guys also think that every time you get older time goes faster? I mean, sometimes it feels like i just had my birthday party and now i can hold one again or that i just celebrated the new years eve and another new years eve is coming. I always think like HUH WHAT ! the year is over already?!? DO you guys also have that? I mean i remember that when i was young i had to wait a long time before summer vacation or before my next birthday is coming and now i don't even have to wait that long. hmm weird huh. =P

Okay enough about that and moving on to what i actually wanted to share and that is: the pictures of my birthday party!

By the way today is my real birthday, but i had a an early birthday party. Why ? because i felt like doing something fun with everyone and on 11 march there was a asian party called i love asian where i always go out clubbing and i thought why not hold my birthday party earlier and take them out to eat and aftherwards we al go out clubbing. I thought only going out to eat is too short and i did not felt like giving a birthday at my home this year which i mostly do, but yeah this is why.
By the way do you guys think it is weird to have a birthday party earlier? 
My aunt says you will die sooner if you do that and that it is better to hold it afther your bday or on your bday, what do you guys think?

oke oke moving on , here below you can see some pictures of my birthday party and gifts.

 Here is a picture of my and a friend and here you can also see what i was wearing ( i am the right one). I actually wanted to take a picture of my and my outfit that day, but i forgot :( . So this one is the only good picture where you can see what i was wearing. 
I whore a black vest, a red dress which i turned into a top for at the restaurant, jeggings, shoes(open toe wedges with a golden heel and beautifull detailing on the front), i curled my hair (which did not stayed in my hair ), whore a dsk necklace and did a black, brown, golden smokey eye.

 (the shoes  that i whore <3 bought them in china)

My sweet friends
@ restaurant
^I find that this picture is cute, because of my brother and my friend xD

^Me and my younger brother.

^Me and my older brother.

 My crazy brother and my best friend, his girlfriend. :)

My Hello kitty birthday cake.
^ yes it was a little bit ruined, because of running xD ( i had to catch a train or else i would be to late for my own bday -_-' ) hihi

 i made a birthday wish and i blowed out the candles >_> in the corner you can see that my younger brother is helping... xD

killing hello kitty O_O  .. just kidding, i am just cutting the cake.

@ I love asian party
the girls ^^ (@ i love asian i took vest and my pants off and whore the dress as it should be and offcourse i had some skin colored tights on.

me and mister someone very special in my heart

My gifts
i got money from my parents, money from 7 other friends xD , a ritual tai chi body set, a swarovski bracelet, a swarovski pendant that i can hang onto a bracelet or bag , sephora lipgloss and lipstick in nudish colors, earings <3 , a cute long hello kitty clock necklace, a hello kitty phone satchel/bag, geo lenses in i think nude grey? , 15 euro gift card for sephora and a 30 euro gift card for bijenkorf ( a store where i can buy designer clothes or makeup such as mac, bobi brown etc.. )

Well this is it for my birthday party post, i hope it was intresting for you to read.
And i wanted to thank my friends for the gifts ( i like them all) :D and the great day they had given to me, I love you guys!

thanks everyone ^_~  i'm going to sleep , tomorrow , well it is afther midnight, so today i am going to celebrate my official bday with my boyfriend :D , really excited about that, altough i don't know what to do yet xD .

take care everyone and i hope you will all have a great day 2!


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  1. Arwww looks like you had fun , happy belated birthday btw ,
    great blog definitely following
    Mantenso xx

  2. Heys!! Happy birthday! I really like you blog!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! :) You look so pretty! :)