donderdag 3 maart 2011

How have you guys been?
Uhm i have just entered Bubzbeauty Commercial Contest and i wanted to share it with you.

My Commercial is about Bento's =P 
How did i came up with that idea?
well i actually was thinking about doing a face mask turtorial with showing the ingredients and stuff,
but than i would have to film it and as you guys know i don't have a good camera for it to do it. But i really wanted to enter that contest, because i like idea of making a commercial and also the prices she is giving away.
So because of the camera problem the only thing i can do is edit pictures and do voice over. So one day  I was surfing on the web and  came across a cute bento picture like this

and i though why not come up with a company that make and sell cute bento boxes. So i went ahead and search for more pictures and than i used windows movie maker to edit them . 
The only thing i don't like about the video is  my voice, the fact that i couldn't add a music background :( and the bad english, but that is just because i kept making bloopers by pronouncing it wrong and i had to do a voice- over and over again xD.
 ahh well i hope it is enough to win, because there's are a lot of people with good commercials for the contest.

well this is it for this time.
my ebay/elf/things i purchased and wanted to share haul is comming soon! hmm I think i will just rename to a nov-feb haul.

Thanks & much love ❤

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  1. cool blog!!! i hope you win on that commercial. Bento box are delish

  2. ha-ha! It's super cool!!!
    I'm following.
    Welcome to my blog! Feel free to follow but if you like only :)