woensdag 23 maart 2011

Geo angel circle lens

Hello, as you know i got circle lenses for my birthday from my best friend Angela =P and I wanted to let you know how it looks and what I think about it.
First i wanted to say that it is my first time wearing lenses and also that I don't know which ones these are, but what  I do know is they are from the geo angel line , so I have the geo angel cirle lens or geo super angel lens in grey.

I think i won't be able to tell the diameter, because if I have the geo super angel cirle lens than the diameter would be bigger.
But my cirlce lenses really  do look like what oh jhoy has from http://www.oh-jhoy.com/2010/04/geo-super-angel-gray-circle-lens-review.html  . So maybe you can find more information from her.

I'm really sorry that I don't know which one I have -_-''  , i did ask my friend but she wasn't sure if it was the normal geo angel or super angel xD ... but still I wanted to share about my thoughts about the lenses.

the lenses:

here are some pictures of how it looks on my with the lenses on:

I personally really like the lenses, i think they are fun and they make you look like a doll.
When I first whore one lens on just one eye i felt like a alien xD , but wearing them on both eyes i felt like a doll. I think it makes me look pretty on pictures and i can also make more cute faces with these lenses on which is fun. :D

If it is comfortable? : not really, but it's ok . First time wearing it felt like as if i had something dirty in my eye, which i felt like i had to whipe it out of my eye. I thought i will get just to it, so whore it the whole day, but i think that i did not really get used to it as the day went on. I felt them the whole time, but i don't know if it supposed to be like that? and i felt like the hole in the lens is a little bit to smal or something, because sometimes when it is was dark i saw someting blurry and when the sun shines i don't see it. And also it makes my eyes feel dry, but when my eyes get wet by yawning ( yes when i yawn my eyes get teary) than i directly don't feel the lenses anymore , like as if i am not wearing them. weird huh? 

BUT OVERAL I do like how they look and because of that they are not really comfortable on my eyes ( on your eyes it could be diffrent) i would still buy them, because it is not like they are like soo not comfortable that you aren't able to wear it, but i think it's oke. On a scale of 1 to 10 ,I would give the comfortableness a 6,5 or 7,5 . I'm bad with giving grades xD .

I definetely would buy more circle lenses, just for fun. I don't think I would wear them everyday, but maybe only on special occasions or when i feel like it, because i like to look real and pure ( not that you will look fake with them ) , but i don't know, maybe it would change later on , that i will wear them everyday. hmm... I just think i will have to get used to them yet. I hope i haven't confused you all.

Again, I'm sorry that i don't which one i really have and i hope you like my review/opinion about them and if you want more information you can go to oh jhoy's blog, she has a lot of info about it.

btw my outfit for my bday on 19 march.
(the dress has a open back thingy which i like)

Thanks for reading !



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  1. ohhh, here is a super late Happy birthday =D

    the grey lens look nice on you* I have tried geo lens long long times ago and they didnt work for me =(

  2. so cute! i am in love with your striped top, i keep trying to find one without any luck :( please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment!


  3. you're so pretty :) i really appreciate your natural makeup, your skin looks so flawless :)
    great work!^^
    drey jewelry.

  4. You look so pretty! Love the lenses on you x

  5. aww you are so petite and cute! i have never tried circle lenses, i think i prefer just colored ones instead :P

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