woensdag 30 maart 2011

entering a contest

hi everyone 
A wonderfull girl named Tara2Tara is giving a contest, because she has more than 400 + followers.
She is giving away some awesome prizes and i really want to win those, so i am going to enter her contest. If you want to know which prizes she is giving away than you can go to her blog by clicking  HERE
The contest will end on april 6th 2011 .

By the way this is my first time entering a blog contest. 

Oh and  before I end this post I wanted to say some few things and one of them is that  I enjoy blogging ^_^ , i just started this month, but i already love to blog, because it keeps me busy, it's fun to read other's wonderful blogs, it's fun to receive comments/messages and there are a lot of blog contest you can enter, so you can also win stuff :D .
And I wanted to say thanks to the lovely people who follow and read my blog. I really appreciate your support and I love the sweet comments that you are leaving me behind sometimes, I always read them and try to reply them. So everyone THANK YOU!

ok than ^_^
Good luck everyone who's is going to enter her contest n_n !
have a great day!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh where are you planning to travel to during the summer? Soo lucky you get to go on summer vaca! But I guess I already took my annual trip this year and I shouldn't have went so early in February hahaha oh wells maybe I can have a mini trip in the summer =P

    Omg yes the Chanel quilted is so pricey so Im trying to save up for the GST instead, even though it was the first one I wanted!

    The HK brushes are super soft and might be good if you don't have a set of brushes or just not that into them like me hahaha

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