dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Hello ^_~

Hello and welcome to my Beauty World.
My name is amy and i'm Chinese. I was born in the Netherlands and i live there. If you want to know more about me you can find that in  the sidebare on the left side.
I will write everything in English so i won't be writing this blog in dutch, because i just wanted to share my blog with everyone and not only for the people who live in the Netherlands

I will blog hauls, Makeup tutorials, Makeup/fashion tips hairdo's, fashion looks, reviews, nail tutorials, just anything Beauty/fashion related. I also want to apologise for if i write something wrong in English. i hope you will like my blogs n_n

 I actually wanted to start blogging in November, but i wanted to wait till i post my first youtube video on youtube. But i did not manage to put a tutorial on youtube for 2 reasons:

1. I had trouble with doing a voice-over. I didn't knew that you can't do a voice-over with a windows live movie maker, if you wan't do do a voice-over you will be needing a windows movie maker and not live. So i had to get rid of the live movie maker and download a normal windows movie maker which was kinda hard to do , because everytime i downloaded it, i would still get a live movie maker, which was really annoying and it took my a long time to fix it, but i did it. Now i have a windows movie maker and not a live.
I hope that i'm not confusing you. xD

2.the camera that i wanted to use for filming was from my boyfriend's mother and she wanted her camera back >_< so i didn't had a good camera or good webcam to film my makeup tutorial, nail tutorials, hair tutorials, etc..... hmmmppppfff not happy about that, because I thought the camera was from my boyfriend, but nooo it was from his mother and his mother lives kinda far so i can't lend it :(
I do have camera to make picture's but filming with it sucks , the quality is just too poor to film a good tutorial!!

But that doesn't stop my from doing the thing i  really wanted to do, so im starting this blog and i will try to post things that you don't really have to film , here on my blog.

PS: i will purchase a video camera soon , but it will take some time like 6 moths or so before everything is financially stable enough for me to spend money again :( (i just don't money right now for some reasons that i rather not tell you guys)

Here are some things i wanted to film and post on youtube....

 ( my soft pink eyelook ( you can't really see the pink on the picture -_-'' )

thing i used to create this look was: 
  • maybeline quad in 12 gray pink drama
  • no false eyelashes used, 100% my own natural lashes :)
  • maybeline 025 pink please
  • revlon lipgloss in pink pop

 Snow flake nail turorial

It had snowed a lot in Holland so i was inspired to made this nail tutorial.
what you need is :
  • clear nailpolish 
  • white nailpolish
  • normal snowflake stickers ( i got the stickers from a hobby'shop and i bought them to use for the christmas cards that i make for my friends and family, but i thought why not just stick them on your nails and use them as nail stickers =P)
  •  fine silver nail glitters.

    how to do this nail:
    • first french manicure them ( clear nailpolish on your whole nail and white nailpolish on the top of your nails >>see picture)
    • take the stickers and stick them on your nail, you can cut tham in half or smaller and just stick them radomly on your nail.
    • Than again paint your nails with the clear nailpolish and spinkle some glitters on your nail before the clear nailpolish dries.
    • The last but final step is to paint your nails with a clear topcoat and you are ready to go. Have fun with it :P ,although the winter is almost over...

     My christmas look
    My look for christmas : vest ,dress , tights, hair curled and snowflake nails

    well uhm this is it for my first post on my blog i hope it was not all tooo confusing and i hope you all like it, if you do please follow, i will follow you too ..
    in my next blog i will do a ebay/elf/things i purchased and wanted to share haul

    thanks everyone and take care ^_~

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